Fonde Families

The owl is our mascot because owls are keen, knowledgeable creatures. Like the students at Fonde, the owl is a peaceful creature. The curious owl sits quietly, silently, observing and watching with its wide eyes. Fonde students do the same things, with a sense of wide eyed wonder! Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees. This helps them to look around their environment. They keep their ecosystem healthy, and we are learning to be stewards of our environment, too.

Owls are wise seekers, searching the woodlands like Fonde students seek out books in the library. Impossible to stop, strong and accurate, owls are like the students of Fonde as we meet new learning challenges and grow wiser as we conquer our mistakes and fears. Swift and wise, owls glide through the forest near Longleaf Forest, where students in classrooms soar through their learning.

Throughout history, owls have gained a reputation for being wise, thoughtful and trustworthy. There are many stories and poems that include owls as intelligent, helpful characters. In this way the owl is a great role model for others.

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